Food & Drink

Did a Little Birdie Tell You?

Foodies are a tight-lipped bunch. (Oh, the irony!)

Ask P. where she got her antique French oven or K. for his Dulce de Leche soufflé recipe, and you’re likely to get a lot of hemming and hawing. Those finicky snobs love to play their cards close to the vest.

So imagine our glee when a friend recently spilled the beans about one of the Chicago’s best-kept secrets. Every month, the perennially hip Blackbird hosts a dinner featuring a local artist and a menu inspired by their work. Donnie Madia (part owner of Blackbird, Avec, and Sonotheque) scouts the talent; chef Paul Kahan riffs with the artist and cooks up ideas for a five-course meal. (This month’s dinner, on July 22, features mixed-media artist Lindsey Meyers and her brutally honest photographs depicting urban and rural life.) Then, for one night only, you’re invited (yes, li’l ol’ you) to enjoy the art, the artist, the food, the chef, and the curator — in the private hall.

Oh, you hadn’t heard? Blackbird has a secret upstairs dining room. So when people ask you how you knew that, you just tell them …

Or then again, maybe you won’t.

To make a reservation, call Blackbird, 619 West Randolph Street, between Des Plaines and Jefferson Streets (312-715-0708).