Shane Gang

Uh-oh. Here comes Alison, the Stepford shopper from hell. “Let’s hit Southport!” she squeals, waving her manicured hands and tossing her monogrammed tote over her shoulder.

Thanks, but no thanks, Ali. Too dressy. Too pink. And way too trendy.

Before you bolt to Belmont, you may want to reconsider. Shane, Lakeview’s newest boutique, brings a much-needed casual vibe to the booming corridor. Unlike other stores in the area, Shane caters to the unfussy, with togs for both men and women: funky cargo pants, perfectly broken in T-shirts, and tons of cute-as-heck minis. Sure, it carries the obligatory strapless dresses from Robin Jordan, men’s striped button-down shirts from Roar, and hard-to-find denim designers like Big Star and FRX — but most of the lines are just bumming-around friendly.

See, there’s something for everyone.

Even if you prefer not to look like everyone else.

Shane, 3657 North Southport Avenue, between Waveland Avenue and Addison Street (773-549-0179).