Room Service

Nothing spoils that post-massage bliss like getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Eliminating PMRRS (Post-Massage Road Rage Syndrome) was exactly what Julie Johnson had in mind when she decided to specialize in house calls. A true spa-scene vet (most recently of Honey Child Salon & Spa), Julie’s trained in Swedish, deep-tissue, and hot-stone massage, mixing in Shiatsu and reflexology. (If you ask, she’ll even toss in a body exfoliation treatment — sugar or salt.) She brings the tunes and aromatherapy kit; you supply your stressed-out self. But be forewarned: She’s an alternate for the 2004 Olympics health-services sport massage team, which means that she may have her hands full come August.

In which case, you may need help dealing with your MTAI (Massage-Therapist Abandonment Issues).

Julie Johnson at Massage Werks (773-531-7765).