Like a Kid in a ...

There really ought to be more adult toy stores.

Not that kind, sicko. The kind where grown-ups can buy, you know, toys.

Like Rotofugi, the city’s newest urban toy store, a minimalist space stocked with abstract rotocasted vinyl and plastic toys, cartoonlike plush playthings, T-shirts, and bags. Everything looks like it came straight out of a Japanese video game (or else belongs to a mutant street posse). But it gets even cooler: Graffiti artists and cartoonists (like Chicago’s own Chris Ware) use Rotofugi’s vinyl as canvases, turning toys into coveted collectibles. (The pieces make for kick-ass computer adornments.)

It’s the perfect place for adults to indulge the need for fun and fantasy.

No, not that kind of fantasy.

Rotofugi, 1953 West Chicago Avenue, at Damen Avenue (312-491-9501).