Training Day

Of course, you’d prefer not to dwell in a shoebox and subsist on ramen and canned tuna.

But after much consideration, you’ve realized it’s the only way you can actually afford your Pilates classes.

Whoa there. Before you dive headfirst into another can of Chef Boyardee, check out Chicago River North Pilates, where would-be Pilates instructors complete their certification by designing one-on-one programs specifically for you — for just $20 a session. You’ll be lengthened (and strengthened) at one of Chicago’s toniest studios by an apprentice learning from the city’s best. It’s the perfect compromise for those who want celeb-style toning without any undue sacrifices.

Like depriving yourself of those jeans you’ve been eyeing at Jake.

Chicago River North Pilates, 213 West Institute Place, at Wells Street (312-751-1256). The apprentice program is offered through August 22 and again in October.