What's in a Name?

Just when the craze over one-named superstars had lost steam, boutiques are taking up the practice.

First, there was Jake. Then Shane. Now Samantha, the newest mononymous shop to hit the Gold Coast.

A refreshing change in a neighborhood overrun with brand names and flagships, the space combines the best of the ’70s (shag rugs, white leather couches, silver wallpaper) with the best of today (pretty pink accents and a flat-screen TV — perfect when taking a break or parking your shopping-averse companion). And with choices that include ’80s-inspired Primp hoodies, Vince cashmere staples, flirty Vanessa Bruno favorites, and jeans galore, you’re sure to become very well acquainted with Samantha in no time.

You might even brag that the two of you are on a first-name basis.

Samantha, 64 East Walton Street, between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street (312-951-5383).