Que Syrah, Syrah

Whoa, Ms. Supermarket Sweep. What’s the rush?

Again? Another last-minute pre-dinner-party wine hunt. Destined to end with something uninspired (Yellow Tail) or unoriginal (Two-Buck Chuck).

That’s no way to get yourself invited back. Instead, wow them with a bottle of Domaine de Moi-Meme — i.e. your very own personalized wine. In just two classes, Bev Art Brewer & Winemaker Supply teaches you to create your own vintage. Instructor Greg Fischer provides the grapes, the equipment, and lessons on how to tweak your favorite varietals. Day one: Learn the basics and do the dirty work (everything short of I Love Lucy grape-stomping). Day two: Bottle your creation and design custom labels. For $80 (plus the cost of grapes and bottles), you’ll end up with 30 bottles of Katie’s Kick-Ass Cabernet or Pete’s Pimpin’ Pinot. Sure to impress your hosts the next time you’re invited over.

Assuming there is a next time.

Bev Art Brewer & Winemaker Supply, 10033 South Western Avenue, between West 100th and 101st Streets (773-233-7579 or bev-art.com).