Food & Drink

Better L8 Than Never

Chica1: we still on for dins 2nite?
Jud74: hell yeah. wanna try L8?
Chica1: huh?
Jud74: new resto from phil stefani and the Y/Sound bar peeps. opens tonite.
Chica1: L8?
Jud74: stays open late. til 5 a.m.
Chica1: OIC. duh. what’s the food like?
Jud74: italian meets tapas. gourmet pizza. chef is guy from Pizza D.O.C.
Chica1: sounds perf. where is it?
Jud74: the old Lino’s space on Ontario.
Chica1: isn’t that your pop’s favorite place?
Jud74: yes, but it’s been gutted. by Andrea Caputo of InArc Design. dad would never go for a waterwall and illuminated columns draped in white cloth.
Chica1: ha. so c u there at 8?
Jud74: yeppers. btw, mr. dimples from wrightwood tap called.
Chica1: shut up! what’d he say?
Jud74: tell you L8r.

L8, 222 West Ontario Street, between Wells and Franklin Streets (312-266-0616).