The Fall Guy

Love gone wrong. The aftermath is rarely fruitful.

Retail therapy. Cell-phone stalking. And the not-so-occasional abuse of Super Fudge Chunk.

But every now and then, it inspires something worthwhile. All the Rage, the new EP from singer-songwriter Cary Brothers, is one of them. The pithy debut is a love cycle in four songs, covering everything from falling madly to realizing it’s gone.

You’re sure to recognize your own experience in the lyrics — “I never thought I was wrong / I never thought I was scared / I always thought with my heart / But never thought I could care” — set to dreamy acoustic pop. Or you may recognize the song “Blue Eyes” from the Garden State soundtrack, where it appears along with Coldplay and Simon & Garfunkel. (Not bad company for Brothers, who’s been writing songs in his apartment for the past ten years.)

The album just might become the new soundtrack to your life.

It goes pretty well with ice cream, too.

Available online at amazon.com.