The Wedding Planner

Meet boy. Fall in love. Get engaged. Weep with joy. Ensure everyone from dry cleaner to sixth-grade pally gets good gander at ring.

Think your work is done? This is just beginning.

Into the nightmare of planners, calligraphers, taffeta, and tantrums comes a ray of practical light: Wedding Points, a new online program that works like frequent-flier miles, only instead of trips you get newlywed stuff. For every dollar you spend on something in their network (photographers, invitations, flowers) you earn points toward the things you’ll want in your post-wedding life (dishes, appliances, computers, travel).

And since weddings are (all too much of) a family affair, everyone can get in on your friends-and-family plan. So Mom books your shower, your bridesmaids buy their dresses, and you get the points — possibly enough of them to earn that honeymoon in Kauai.

You’ll need a recovery vacation when it’s all over.

Redeem points online at weddingpoints.com.