Green With Envy

Any old flower shop can get you a tulip.

But when the occasion calls for a dinner party complete with catered meal, jazz quartet, and pin-lit orchid centerpieces, you need a garden.

Time to hit Alice’s Garden in East Lakeview. The new 3,200-square-foot space is more than just a flower store — it’s a design studio, retail space, and party venue all in one. The staff here is not just well versed in florals; they’re visual artists, designers, and lighting specialists, too. No wonder mega-event planners XA recently acquired Alice’s as their in-house design shop.

The shelves and counters in the whitewashed minimalist storefront are movable, allowing for instant room transformations — into cocktail party, bridal shower, or regular Tuesday rager. (Conference rooms with plasma screens by day, multimedia lounge by night.) And because Alice buys flowers direct from growers four times a week, you can be sure that the pickings are garden-fresh.

On second thought, you may want to get your tulips there, too.

Alice’s Garden, 3524 North Halsted Street, at Addison Street (773-327-0200).