Ta Kill Ya

Recent studies have shown that subjects who self-medicate with margaritas may experience side effects including (but not limited to): inappropriate canoodling with co-workers, a willingness to spontaneously disrobe in public places, and prolonged crying jags.

Set that pretty pounding head of yours at ease with a tequila massage. No, no one is suggesting you immerse yourself in the stuff. (Can you think of a worse idea when nursing a hangover?) Rather, through November, The Spa at the Four Seasons will be offering up a unique brand of liquid therapy straight from the beaches of their famed Punta Mita Resort in Mexico.

First, they’ll put you at ease with a full-body hot-towel wrap (to help return your battered systems to working order). Next, they’ll use their forearms to massage a mixture of sage oil and tequila (in small doses — moderation, people! Remember?) in circular strokes all over your body. (Believe it or not, the Huichol Indians used tequila for its detoxification and curative properties.) Finally, when you are intoxicated with relaxation, cap it off with a mango margarita.

Kind of a hair-of-the-dog thing.

The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, 120 East Delaware Place, between Michigan Avenue and Rush Street (312-280-8800).