Food & Drink

What a Friend We Have in Cheeses

Sushi bar, coffee bar, juice bar, nail bar.

What’s a gal gotta to do to get a drink these days?

Smile and say cheese, please. BIN 36’s new cheese bar has over 50 domestic and imported cheeses — all paired with wines, sherries, and ports from its extensive cellar. Grab a seat at the communal table and have your selection served up simply with grilled bread. (Aw, screw Atkins, hon … it shows off the flavor, dontcha know?) Or try pizza, a grilled cheese sandwich, or fondue — they climb new heights when prepared with top-notch fromage.

Can’t tell a Pecorino from a tomme de Savoie? Order a flight — goat, sheep, cow, regional, or simply ‘stinky’ with matching garnishes.

It’ll give bellying up to the bar a whole new meaning.

BIN 36, 339 North Dearborn Street, between Kinzie Street and the Chicago River (312-755-9463).