Trading Places

Life. So full of mysteries.

What did the dryer do with the other sock? If Larry King dropped the suspenders, would his pants fall down? Do cats have knees? And how on the earth do traders make so much loot?

The new book Leg the Spread, by Chicago’s own Cari Lynn, heads straight to the pits for the answer.

In 2000, inspired by friends who were reaping the benefits of a big bull market, Lynn took a job as a clerk at the testosterone-filled Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Her introduction to the high-stakes game of commodities trading put her in close quarters with a tight fraternity of money-hungry men — and a smattering of brave women willing to take them on. Through the women’s stories, Leg the Spread (which, by the way, is a trading term and not an inverted sexual request) exposes the alternately humorous and disturbing realities of the legendary Merc — where catcalls are still as common as a bad day.

Why? Still a mystery to us …

Leg The Spread: A Woman’s Adventures Inside the Trillion-Dollar Boys’ Club of Commodities Trading is available online at amazon.com or at your local bookstore.