He Cried Mo, Mo, Mo

Dear Lady Locks,

After another disastrous self-administered haircut, my boyfriend’s head looks like a genetically engineered mushroom. How can I help him understand that an interlude with the Flowbee and a dollop of gel do not a hairstyle make?

Signed, Stressed About His Tresses

Dear Stressed,

If only they thought about the hair they have as much as the hair they’ve lost.

May I suggest introducing him to the Faux Mo — a favorite this fall of hairstylist Michael Jacobson (well known for dressing the heads of many a Girl about Town). The Mo is reminiscent of the mohawk, but without any of the severity, excess, or bad taste of its ’80s predecessor. Cut longer on the top and shorter on the sides, it’s the perfect style for guys who wear a suit by day (just comb it down), jeans by night (just product it up — a Faux Mo erectus, if you will). Jacobson leaves a little in the back to balance out the overall look.

Be forewarned: This may put you two in direct competition for a standing Saturday appointment.

Which may stress you out about your tresses.

Love, Lady Locks

Michael & Michael Salon, 365 West Chicago Avenue, between Sedgwick and Orleans Streets (312-951-0779).