Bedside Manner


It sounded so good on Thursday, but come Sunday morning, the thought of long lines, grumpy waiters, and overpriced waffles has you snoozing for an extra hour.

Go ahead, sleep in. Then give Ritter’s Breakfast Delivery a ring. Their homemade quiches, French toast, and breakfast pizzas (bacon, egg, and cheese or fresh blueberries with ricotta) arrive soft and warm (unlike that lump snoring next to you). If what you crave is something sweet, fill up on tasty treats from Alliance bakery. And yes, there are healthy options (fresh fruit salad, yogurt, and granola) for all you motivated gym types.

Ritter’s will even deliver fresh flowers (a nice way to make amends for a night gone wrong) or the paper (to help avoid the discussion about whose fault it was). Plus, service is guaranteed — usually in 30 minutes or less — helping rid you of all your brunchtime anxiety.

Who makes the bed? Hon, you’re all on your own with that one …

Ritter’s Breakfast Delivery (773-489-4700 or 123breakfast.com). Available in Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village and the West Loop neighborhoods.