Fine Lines

You do a lot of things you know are bad for you. Overindulge in sweets. Forget to floss. Occasionally sneak a smoke at the bar.

Now add eyebrow waxing to the vice list.

Waxing! Says who? None other than eyebrow guru, Rashida B., who specializes in all things brow, including tinting, shaping, and maintenance. Lucky for you, she’s got an easy fix: tweezing.

Rashida’s plucky philosophy is based on this: The skin around your eyes is very delicate. (Which is why you moisturize, moisturize, moisturize — careful to pat, not pull.) But then, once a month you slop on some hot wax and tear the hair away, stretching and damaging the skin, leading (eventually) to droopy lids. But Rashida, using only tweezers, pays close attention to every little hair — carefully shaping your arches to suit your face.

Saving you from embarrassing red marks — as well as the blemish on your conscience.

Rashida B., inside Sole Nail Lounge and Beauty Emporium, 1468 North Milwaukee Avenue, at Honore Street (866-275-9166 or brows-chicago.com).