Head First

Hair appointments can be traumatic.

That just a trim cut that became an asymmetrical bob. The attempt to go blonde that ended up more Courtney Love than Sienna Miller.

Odds are if it weren’t for the head massage, you’d never go back.

Put your mind (and scalp) at ease with an Indian head massage at Spa Space. It’s all the blissed-out delirium you get from having your scalp, neck, and shoulders massaged at the rinse bowl — without any of the stressed-out insanity associated with watching the stylist chop, dye, or shave.

Based on an Indian family grooming ritual, the Eastern-style massage was developed thousands of years ago to help keep women’s hair strong and shiny. By focusing on your three higher chakras (at the base of your throat, between your brows, and on top of your head), the massage purports to open up energy channels, increase circulation, and stimulate nerve function.

Leaving your shoulders relaxed, your energy balanced, and — yes — your locks mercifully intact.

Spa Space, 161 North Canal Street between Randolph and Lake Streets (312-466-9585 or spaspace.com).