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The Garden of Eatin'

It’s a story as old as Adam and Eve. Move in together, and pretty soon you’re spending a lot less time naked — and a lot more time munching on raw apples.

Seems like cooking (along with a few other things) has lost its thrill.

Let The Love Chef, a.k.a. Brad Parsons of Aria, help renew the sizzle. Parsons trained at the Culinary Institute of America and then spent time in the kitchens of Thomas Keller (Bouchon), Alan Wong, and Rick Tramanto (Tru). And now he’ll be appearing in your kitchen.

Just toss The Love Chef an e-mail detailing your predicament and he’ll send you back an e-recipe perfectly suited to your needs. (For free!) His tasty concoctions cover everything from opposites attracting (hamachi with grapefruit salad mixed with ginger chips) to an appetizer designed to add some spice (hot-and-sour baked rock shrimp). Before you know it, things will be heating up again.

And cohabitation will be paradise rediscovered.

The Love Chef, lovechef@ariachicago.com.