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Bonbon Voyage

For some people, Valentine’s Day triggers the crazy gene.

Rabid freaks deck themselves out in red, load up on doilies, make valentines from scratch for all of their co-workers — in short, run around irritating those just trying to get on with their lives.

But if it weren’t for the nut jobs, curmudgeons like us wouldn’t reap the sweet rewards.

Like the Vosges Haut Chocolat mini-store, which is setting up shop for just a month in honor of the big day. The hometown sweetheart is building a flagship store in the same Lincoln Park spot later in March, but for now the quaint 450-square-foot storefront is choc-full of treats perfect for celebrating the “L” word. The shelves are stocked with everything from the Vosges Love Box (with sixteen of their signature truffles) to a nightie-and-robe set from Skin Lingerie (the perfect accompaniment for bonbons). When you see the plush purple cushions lining the window sill, you might just want to grab a box for yourself and set up shop right there on Armitage.

It’s the perfect vantage point from which to pooh-pooh the Valentine’s Day madness.

While enjoying all its delicious by-products.

Vosges mini-store, 951 West Armitage, between Sheffield Avenue and Bissell Street (773-296-9866).