Fresh as a Raizy

Femmes. Brides. G-spot. Dancing Bellies. Damen is the most feminine block in town.

So it’s no surprise that the latest boutique on the strip caters to ladies. Raizy is a girlie-girl’s paradise, filled with skin care products (finally, a place to score Mario Badescu), sweet scents (Anthousa home perfumes and Mistral shea butter soaps), and upscale loungewear from the likes of Samantha Chang, Love Tanjane, Clo, and Eberjey.

Shrieks of joy will be heard all the way to North Avenue when the lassies discover the cosmetics Raizy has rounded up — Sue Devitt Studios, Valerie Beverly Hills, and Scott Barnes (a former J. Lo make-up artist whose exclusive line is harder to locate than one of her exes). Guys, admittedly, will find little to squeal about.

If only they could see Damen as more then just Cans.

Raizy, 1944 North Damen Avenue, between Armitage Avenue and Homer Street (773-227-2221 or shopraizy.com).