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College Sweethearts

Getting an M.A. in English is pretty straightforward. Attend class, read books, pass tests, write thesis. Next thing you know, you’ve got a fancy little degree to hang on the wall.

But what if you’re interested in becoming, say, a Master of Sweets?

Eat a dozen black-and-white cupcakes, load up on dark chocolate, and finish with a mocha latte?

If only it were that easy. Sarah Levy, the mind behind Sarah’s Pastries & Candies, a new patisserie in the Gold Coast, has found an answer. Born into a food family (er, the Levy Restaurant Empire), the 24-year-old cocoa maven didn’t rest on her laurels. Rather, she rolled up her sleeves and enrolled at The French Pastry School, learning the tricks of the trade from the best.

Now she’s got a quaint pink and burgundy store that features a five-foot-tall tempering machine, complete with conveyor belt (a la Lucy). Expect decadent truffles, cupcakes, and croissants — plus a collection of chocolates from around the world.

All in an effort to help you get a passing grade.

Sarah’s Pastries & Candies, 11 East Oak Street, between State and Rush Streets (312-664-6223 or sarahscandies.com).