The Wine-ding Road

When it comes to directions, you usually rule the road.

But drop you smack dab in the middle of a mega-wine warehouse and you can’t figure out how to get from syrah to merlot, let alone clear across the depot to trebbiano.

Back roads of wine tasting got you turned around? Elbert Hatley is here to straighten you out. Known as The Wine Guide, Hatley facilitates private parties and tastings for as many as 100 people. All you have to do is invite pals and pick a spot (your home, an art gallery, a wine bar). Hatley does the rest.

Parties run $40 to $250 a head, depending on how vintage/cult/premier cru you want to go. You’ll taste anywhere from eight to twelve wines and nibble perfectly paired culinary delights — all while learning about the vino.

Odds are you’ll get a pretty nice buzz.  Which in oenophilic terms translates to “well poured.”

The Wine Guide (773-285-3096 or vinodolce.com).