Sole Searching

Whoever said that the eyes are the windows to the soul never took a good look at the feet.

Feet can tell you a lot about a person. After all, women have been judging men for years based on how they choose to cover them up. (Vintage Chuck Taylors? In. Boat shoes? Pass.)

But reflexologist Nourhy Chiriboga takes it a step further. With just one touch of your toes she can tell everything from whether you’ve been downing your eight glasses a day to what part of your back is tied up in knots.

She starts with a slow and thorough massage to get the lay of the land, and once she identifies the imbalances, digs in — releasing toxins, restoring circulation, and alleviating your aches and pains.

Modest folks, take note: Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet to relax the whole body, so you can keep your clothes on while getting a full-on destress. Plus, Chiriboga’s Bucktown location is a private garden studio, so there’s no need to worry about anyone getting a glimpse of your unattended winter toes.

One less excuse for getting cold feet.

NOW Massage, 2141 West Webster Avenue, between Hoyne Avenue and Leavitt Street (773-276-5278 or nourhy.com).

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2141 W Webster Ave
bt Hamilton Ave & Leavitt Sts
Chicago, IL 60647