Boys Will Be Boys

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Boot-cut jeans begot stovepipe pants. Multiple tequila shots result in wicked hangovers. And the dawn of the metrosexual can only herald the triumphant return of the alpha male. (Any day now …)

In the meantime, guys who don’t want to spend like girls can head to the Belmont Barbershop, a two-chair operation that specializes in the basics. No color, no manicures, no newfangled products. Just an old-fashioned haircut and a straight-razor shave.

At Belmont, they do it like they used to, with steam towels, pre-shave oil, hot lather, and the ole mug and brush. Every cut is followed by a neck shave and little cleanup around the ears. And at $15 for a cut and $30 for a shave, this is one grooming ritual that won’t set him back.

And won’t get an “Are you kidding? Your haircut cost more than mine.”

The Belmont Barbershop, 2328 West Belmont Ave, at Western Avenue (773-296-0894 or belmontbarbershop.com).

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2328 W Belmont Ave
bt Western & Oakley Aves
Chicago, IL 60618