Set in Stone

Pampering, a timeline: 

2000 BC: Egyptians slop on vitamin-rich mud.
1200 AD: Medievals soak in mineral springs.
2000 AD: We mani-pedi-microderm to oblivion.

Starting this weekend, the road to nirvana will include an obligatory stop at Stone Lotus, the new River North nightclub that bills itself as a “liquor spa.” (Really. You’re complaining?)

Technically speaking, there are no spa treatments here. But coddling is at a premium. Here’s something new: bottle treatments, the complimentary dishes created by chef Dale Levitski (of Trio Atelier fame) to match bottle service. (What goes with 10 Cane rum? Jamaican spiced lamb chops.)

The space is all calming earth tones and natural elements: cascading water, flickering lanterns, and a VIP room adorned with silk replicas of cherry blossoms and walls of real rock.

Unfortunately, unless you’re hosting one of the private parties this weekend, you’ll have to wait till Tuesday to check it out. 

And hail the new era of unwinding.

Stone Lotus, 873 North Orleans Street, between Chestnut and Locust Streets (312-440-9680 or stonelotuslounge.com).