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Uncommon Cold

“Freeze!” says the cop. The robber stops.

“Freeze!” says the hard drive. The laptop quits.

But when your mind says “freeze!” you simply can’t stop spooning Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream into your mouth. The smooth, delicate, creamy stuff is handmade in small batches in Ohio and delivered right to your door.

Your mouth, dear pup, waters when the bell rings. You pile pints of organic dark cocoa gelato, Thai chili, candied beet with mascarpone, and Jeni’s signature salty caramel into the freezer. You open the lids to the goat cheese with tart cherries, pistachio with honey, and frozen yogurts like mango lassi, passionfruit, and lemon.

All 25-plus flavors are made with local, farm-fresh ingredients. And with so many to choose from (the menu changes seasonally), there’s no telling when you’ll stop.

But we’re guessing it’ll be sometime around when hell freezes over.

Available online at jenisicecreams.com.