Mane Attraction

He arrives at dusk and skids his gleaming Harley perfectly into place in front of your house.

Slipping off his bike, he grabs his bags and heads to your door. You let him in and lead him back to the kitchen — that’s where you’ve planned to do it.

You lean back under the sink, and he runs his hands through your hair, all the while massaging your neck and temples. Clearly, you think, David Scholle really is as good as his rep. Which isn’t surprising: He trained at Vidal Sassoon and worked at Bumble and Bumble in NYC before heading to Chicago.

Next, he cuts, colors, and works his magic. Scholle knows what you want: a stylist who does the deed any time of day, right in the comfort of your own home. And his prices can’t be beat. Plus, he’s never late, can work around kids, and loves dogs. (Sigh.)

All you need is a sink and hair.

And, of course, an active imagination.

David Scholle (312-543-2665).

Chicago, IL