Tile Maven

Nails. Promises. Bread. And on occasion, hearts.

When it comes to breaking things, you’re a champ.  

Putting stuff together is another story. You sure could use some help in the assembly department.

Learn all about it at The Chicago Mosaic School, the first (and only) academic, nonprofit mosaic arts institution in the country, which just moved into a new space with top-notch facilities. In addition to exhibitions, the school offers classes in the ancient art form.

Try your hand at a one-day workshop (and go home with a picture frame or clay pot) or take the plunge with an eight-week, multilevel program that uses materials like Venetian glass, ceramic, and china (imagine: your very own mod Roman bust). There’s also an architectural course that covers floor design and backsplash mosaics.

If you’re in the mood for even more decoration, you can earn a certificate in mosaic arts. 

Either way, you’ll be doing what you do best.

Breaking the mold.

The Chicago Mosaic School, 1800 West Cuyler Avenue, between Belle Plaine Avenue and Irving Park Road (773-975-8966 or