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Room with a View

What you expect to find at a picnic: scenery and greenery. What you actually find: grass stains and ant parades.

For the view, the brew, the chew, and none of the ew, head to The Gage, Billy Lawless’s new tavern, opening tomorrow across from Millennium Park.

A Galway native, Lawless (The Irish Oak, The Grafton) transformed a hat warehouse into an early 20th-century pub, complete with whiskey closet (housing more than 150 bottles) and lower-level lounge (soon to become your local hangout).

To add grub to pub, Lawless nabbed Chef Dirk Flanigan (Blue Water Grill, Meritage), whose  inventive, hearty menu includes braised rabbit salad, gourmet burgers, roast saddle of elk, and fish and chips that would make a vegetarian weep.

After washing it down with a brewski, lean back on the comfy green couch and gaze upon the verdant awesomeness of Millennium Park.

And try not to think about how many picnickers would rather be where you are.

The Gage, 24 South Michigan Avenue, at Madison Street (312-372-4243).

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24 S Michigan Ave
bt Monroe & Madison Sts
Chicago, IL 60603