Ice, Ice Baby

What’s a proper party without the right accoutrements?

Be picky with the invites. Nix those tacky crepe umbrellas. And don’t even think about serving deli ice-in-a-bag.

Polish the glasses and slice some limes: You’re serving up cubes made in Fred’s guitar ice trays. Just fill ’em and freeze ’em, and in a few hours, you’ll have ice to entice even the coldest guest. (Who can resist guitar-shaped cubes and plastic handle stirrers?)

As far as party favors go, this one’s cheaper than a fog machine ($8!), cleaner than confetti, and less seizure-inducing than a disco ball. And if you want to go all out, get Fred’s ice shooters — a tray of frozen shot glasses. (You pick your poison.)

That’s how you’ll impress your guests: mix, mingle, and chill.

Available online at calliopeboutique.com.