Thanks a Million

When a kindly gentleman answered your 3 a.m. SOS, jumped your car, and followed you home to be sure you got there safely, you almost kissed him (but held back).

At times like that, mere words of gratitude aren’t enough. So show your appreciation with a Civilette note card. It feels just as good as making out with a complete stranger. (Well, almost as good.) But it’s not nearly as awkward after the fact.

The little doses of thanksgiving are created by Chandra Greer, a shop owner who aims to promote civility in the everyday. Printed in simple brown and white, the cards say “Thank you” on the front and “Please reuse” on the back.

Keep a pack handy for random acts of kindness — like the lady who saves your runaway pup and the guy who helps lug your groceries to your car. Or give them as a gift. They’ll say thank you for the thank yous.

Before long, we’ll all be living the samaritan dream.

Available at Greer, 1657 North Wells Street, at Eugenie Street (312-337-8000 or greerchicago.com).

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1657 N Wells St
@ Eugenie St
Chicago, IL 60614