Food & Drink

Shut Your Pie Hole

You overcook casserole. Undercook chicken (scary). And believe all cooks are mutants (except, maybe, Sam from Top Chef).

Friends invite you to dinner parties just so you won’t go in the kitchen.

That’s okay. You’d rather go into Pie, the sleek new pie stop tucked in the back of Epoch Floral. The handmade goods are baked fresh daily and range from classic (apple, peanut butter, key lime) to seasonal (passion fruit meringue, pear-apple-cranberry-walnut). Individual slices are available, too, for when you’re rolling solo.

Preordering isn’t necessary, so you can swing by anytime for a fresh or frozen treat. If you’re feeling especially inventive, dream up your own combo, and they’ll bake a customized crusty treat in 48 hours and deliver it to your house.

So it’s easy as — well — you know.

Pie, 615 North State Street, between Ohio and Ontario Streets (312-642-4192 or piechicago.com).