Who Wants to Be a Milliner?

And now, the lightning round.

Where can you find Loreta Corsetti’s hats?
a) At a luncheon with the Queen of England.
b) Lavish Parisian weddings, Seine-style.
c) An Italian castle.
d) All of the above.

D. Final answer.

Correct. What’s Corsetti’s signature flair?
a) Pom-poms.
b) Heavy embellishment, draping, beadwork, antique feathers, handmade flowers.
c) Googly eyes.

Hmm. What does the audience think? B, final answer.

Bravo. What describes Corsetti’s fall/winter collection? Feel free to use a lifeline.
a) Acorns, leaves, branches, architecture. Fur felt, weather repellent.
b) Glitter, sequins, polyester.
c) Everything Paris Hilton — namely, a pup pouch.

Can we call Miss Corsetti? Ring-ring. Miss C? Help!

Oh, hello. It takes twelve to 40 hours to make each handmade hat. Everything is lined in silk, and no two are alike. (The decked-out camel cloche has crystals and turquoise.) Choose what you like from the atelier or have one custom made. But back to your question. The answer is a.

Corsetti’s hats are truly one in a million.

Available at Loreta Corsetti Millinery Atelier, 1137 North State Street, at Elm Street, suite 2r (312-640-6004; by appointment only); Only She, 710 North State Street (312-335-1353 or onlyshe.com).