Working Card

cubicle job
n. 1. cruising Perez; 2. shopping online; 3. Gchat, iChat, chitchat, AIM.

These days, it’s too easy not to work at work.

Unless you own your own business. Then it’s a different story: You impose strict deadlines and use the water cooler for water.

Just like Cartolina card designer Fiona Richards, who drove eight hours from her remote British Columbia cottage to sell her first batch of cards to a Vancouver shop. Success!

Schooled in traditional typography, Richards combines wooden block prints, 20th-century lead type, and modern hues for a vintage-meets-now aesthetic. She scours flea markets for inspiration from antique books and retro advertising prints.

She does bright ethnic patterns, rabbits, birds, and more on boxed note cards and individual cards. Cartolina uses 100 percent recycled paper and employs an environmentally friendly printer.

The definition of creative and conscious.

Available at Paper Source, 919 West Armitage Avenue, between Bissell and Fremont Streets (773-525-7300 or paper-source.com); online at tansustyle.com. To see styles, go to cartolinacards.com.