Gold Standard

Teenagers and puppies have a lot in common: problems with authority figures (whether tattoos or table legs, no seems to always mean yes), a need to be house-trained, the desire for positive reinforcement.

Just ask dog trainer extraordinaire Lindsay Goldring, who teaches pups to form healthy habits voluntarily by rewarding good behavior. A dog lover for 25 years and a trainer for two, she treats dogs of all ages (especially puppies) and promises to make a saint out of your little sinner.

Goldring works with you, your pup, and your lifestyle to facilitate the best possible relationship. She’ll determine problems and goals during a phone consultation, then work with your pup in person. (You can choose whether to sit in on the training.)

She’ll teach you both how to maintain pup’s progress.

Even in a dog-eat-dog world.

Lindsay Goldring (theinnerpup@gmail.com).