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Brownie Points

Mom’s roasted nuts specialty, gooey treats from the school bake sale, the bad boy from Amsterdam that made you feel like you could fly.

Whatever the flavor, you go gaga for brownies.

Fudge fairy godmother Bertha Palmer (as in the historic Palmer House Hilton) created the dessert in the 1800s when she charged her pastry chef with making treats for a picnic.

So imagine the delights that should emerge from Lockwood, the hotel’s new restaurant. Here’s a hint: The menu from chef Phillip Foss (Le Cirque) includes Faux Gras (foie gras-less duck liver terrine) and Surf, Turf, and Turf (filet mignon, short ribs, and lobster).

Not to mention shiraz-chocolate ice cream and mini caramel-filled doughnuts, which sound like a fitting adaptation of Palmer’s legacy.

Choc another one up to the Palmer name.

Lockwood, 17 East Monroe Street, between State Street and Wabash Avenue, (312-917-3404 or lockwoodrestaurant.com).