Catch the Gift

When you’re up for wine, he’d rather drink beer. When you’re ready for pj’s, he’d rather play poker. You can’t control his urges. But you can certainly steer him in the right direction this holiday season.

If He’d Rather Carry a Pimp Wad
Woo him with a Stewart/Stand stainless steel wallet. Not only is it sleek and silky, but the same type of steel is used in space (really!). Get it in silvery steel or leather (Stitch, 1723 North Damen Avenue, at Saint Paul Avenue; 773-782-1570).

If He’d Rather Wear Sweats to Your Sister’s Wedding
Make him settle for recycled chic with vintage typewriter-key cuff links from Neil Benson, a dumpster diver who converts his quarry into manly wearables. Pick up a pair of shift keys or get his initials (Apartment Number 9, 1804 North Damen Avenue, at Churchill Street; 773-395-2999).

up, up, and away!

If He’d Rather Cliff Dive, Bungee Jump, or Race Cars
He’ll be just as psyched for Downtown Adventure flight lessons, during which he’ll work one-on-one with a certified flight instructor. He’ll take off, talk with air traffic control, cruise the LSD (Lake Shore Drive, homey) for spectacular views, and receive a certificate upon completion.

If He’d Rather Sleep
Then tell him the golfer’s massage at Spa Space (161 North Canal Street, at Randolph Street; 312-466-9585) is even better. Targeting the muscle groups used in golf, it involves trigger-point therapy, deep-tissue massage, and assisted stretching for endurance and flexibility. He’ll experience less soreness and fewer knots; you’ll experience less whining.

sling it!

If He’d Rather Order Pay-per-view
Get his attention with a Slingbox Solo. All he has to do is plug it in, and he can watch DVR, digital cable, or DVDs from his laptop or cell phone anytime, anywhere. That means sports, people.

If He’d Rather Live in the Past
Keep him up to speed with a vinyl archiver. An easy-to-use USB output will transfer his obsolete record collection directly into his iTunes library. Plus, it’s got a funky design, so he’ll feel cool doing it.

And that’s a wrap, folks.

Would you rather read the Everywhere Gift Guide? Fine with us.

1804 N Damen Ave
bt Churchill & Willow Sts
Chicago, IL 60647
1723 N Damen Ave
@ St Paul Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
161 N Canal St
bt Lake & Randolph Sts
Chicago, IL 60606
131 Meserole Ave
@ Leonard St
Brooklyn, NY 11222