Good Golly

Cupcakes are a dime a dozen in this town.

But a cupcake for a cause? That’s just plain sweet.

Treat yourself at Molly’s, a just-opened Lincoln Park joint that’ll teach you the importance of giving.

Try a cake as is or build your own. Choose a base (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot), frosting (we died over the brown butter), and topping (um, ice cream, anyone?). Then head over to the sprinkle station and do your thang.

Everything is homemade, and the interior was built using old school furniture (doors, chairs, floors), so it’s not just charming, it’s ecofriendly.

A percentage of the profits help local schools fund everything from furniture to renovations to salaries.

Giving teacher’s pet a whole new meaning.

Molly’s Cupcakes, 2536 North Clark Street, at Deming Place (773-883-7220).