For Pete’s Sake

The closest thing to art in your apartment is the installation of assorted deodorants in your bathroom. (You call it “Still Life with Wetness Protection.”)

Time to redecorate.

Start with a portrait from artist Pete Nawara. After a stint at Parsons in Paris, Nawara returned to a Pilsen studio to create large-scale contemporary paintings for the masses.

First, Nawara asks his subjects to pretend his camera is a mirror and check themselves out (girl’s bathroom style). Then, he snaps photos, transfers them into his computer, fiddles with an image, and projects it onto a canvas. He traces it and fills in the shapes with watered-down acrylic paint and gouache markers. A little gold leaf applique and voila: the perfect accent for your pad.

And one you don’t have to keep a Secret.

To commission a painting, call 630-670-5415 or e-mail pete@petenawara.com. To see examples, go to petenawara.com.