Fair Warming

It’s hard to look cool in the cold. Puffy coats, trapper hats, and wellies aren’t exactly fashion forward.

All the more reason to make what you’re wearing under them really matter.

Like an alpaca knit from Mayu, a company conceived by Chicagoan Kate Robertson while in the Peace Corps in Peru.

Robertson serves as the liaison between you (the shopper) and a community of women in the Andes (the producers). Using knitting techniques passed down from generations, the women use ecofriendly alpaca fiber to create exquisite shawls, throws, hoodies, scarves, and more in a variety of earth tones. They’re not only super soft; they’re also warm, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Mayu provides the women (many of whom are single, divorced, or widowed) with the opportunity for independence; fair, livable wages for their families; and Web-based business skills.

How’s that for warm and fuzzy?

Mayu (847-363-7186 or shopmayu.com).