Sweetest Things 2007: Coming Out on Top

Back in December, we presented you, dear readers, with nominees in the realms of fashion, food, beauty, arts, and culture. Facebook campaigns, attempts at bribery, and mudslinging ensued. The time has finally come to announce the Sweetest Things 2007 winners.

And the awards go to …

Jessa Brinkmeyer SIGHT
Jessa Brinkmeyer

If superwoman exists, she’s 24-year-old blond environmentalist Jessa Brinkmeyer, who owns Pivot, an ecoboutique offering stylish clothes made from soy, hemp, and bamboo that don’t sacrifice style.
Cheryl Sloane and Kari Kriser SOUND
Cheryl Sloane and Kari Kriser
G Boutique

With toys, classes, and books, G Boutique owners Cheryl Sloane and Kari Kriser teach you the principles of pleasure and how to hit the spot.
Hillary Thieling SMELL
Hillary Thieling
Sparkle Queen

Mom-cum-entrepreneur Hillary Thieling heads up ecofriendly Sparkle Queen cleaning service. Her staff uses 100 percent plant-based, biodegradable, nontoxic products to make your home spick-and-span.
George Djurovic and Angie Kongabel TASTE
George Djurovic and Angie Kongabel
August Grocery

Brother-sister team George Djurovic and Angie Kongabel offer up fresh, local, seasonal produce and ingredients at their supermarket, August Grocery.
Jonny Imerman TOUCH
Jonny Imerman
Imerman Angels

After battling testicular cancer, Jonny Imerman started Imerman Angels, a nonprofit that connects people who are fighting the disease with inspirational survivors for support.

Congratulations to all the winners! Find out who won in our other editions.

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