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Best of the West

When it comes to restaurants, you’re always on the lookout for the next best thing.

But what happens when you find yourself at the next best thing?

Look no further than Nxxt, West Town’s answer to low-key hoodies with upscale tastes. The just-opened space offers American classics with a twist.

Lavender- and thyme-stuffed roast chicken is cooked under a 750 degree brick (really) and served with garlic mashed potatoes and wildflower, honey-glazed carrots. A killer meatloaf sandwich and peach cobbler will take you straight to the dirty South. Veggies can chow on grilled cheese with artisanal Vermont cheddar and roasted tomato bisque. Oh, and everything is whipped out by 22-year-old executive chef (and baby genius) Jonathan Meyer.

Delicious wines and cocktails (lemon basil martini!) and a retro flair (marble bar tops, Ferrari red leather chairs) can mean only one thing:

Nxxt marks the spot.

Nxxt Restaurant & Bar, 2700 West Chicago Avenue, at Washtenaw Avenue (773-489-6998).

Photo Credit: Leonardo Bonanni