Look, the Plane! The Plane!

Oh, the joys of flying. Service with a scowl at the check-in desk and cavity searches that make you want to hurl your eensy bag of peanuts out the window. (If only you could open it.)

There is a better way: Virgin Charter, the first online travel aggregator for private jets. Once a luxury service for the uber rich, the new site and service makes booking a cinch.

Yes, PJ is still crazy pricy. But now it’s at least accessible. Enter your info (passengers, departure and destination, dates) and, since you’re flying private, feel free to get nitty-gritty with details like crew requirements, number of tolerable fuel stops, whether or not you’re bringing Grandma or transporting your Picasso. VC sends your requirements to their roster of participants who in turn send you bids. Then you compare plane types, amenities, safety and quality ratings, and price — and buy.

The souped-up site has informative bells and whistles, like a Hot Deals section where you can snatch empty-leg flights for a fraction of original cost and a vessel guide so you don’t end up booking a King Air 90 Turbo Prop when what you need is a Falcon 2000.

Oh, the horror.

Oh, the relief.

Available online at virgincharter.com.

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