Buddy System

Here’s the thing about f*** buddies: They’re great for one thing but really lacking in the love department.

Fill that dearth of affection with a Barn Buddy from the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. A 165-acre haven in Union, Missouri, Longmeadow takes in abused and neglected farm animals, rehabilitates them, and finds them new loving homes.

For people who have the time and space, there are horses, goats, rabbits, and even a chicken up for adoption. But living in a shoebox doesn’t preclude you from helping out — just sponsor a fella who is waiting for a home or resides permanently on the premises, like Amigo, a mini horse who travels to local schools to educate kids on animal care. Or if you live nearby, you can volunteer to feed animals, clean stalls, and administer medicine.

The experience is so fulfilling, you’ll feel your heart fill up with love.

So go ahead and tell your other buddy to f*** off.

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