Getting Carded

On a flight back from L.A., you’re jolted from sleep by someone kicking your seat.

You turn around and flash “the look” to a 6-year-old perp. The kicking continues.

You turn around once more, give another look, and sigh for effect.

Apparently, this child doesn’t yet understand the universal face for asshole.

His parents don’t either. You slip them a PardonMoi card: Pardon moi! I couldn’t help but notice that your child is kicking the back of my seat. Natural turbulence will do just fine, thanks.

And like magic, you are at peace.

Awkward situations are everywhere. Whether it’s spinach in someone’s teeth, obnoxiously loud cell phone talking, or bad breath, there are some things you just can’t say out loud.

Which is precisely why you don’t.

Available at Anjenu, 1747 West Division Street, between Hermitage Avenue and Wood Street (773-469-2212); online at pardonmoi.com.

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