The Dish

We’ve been glued for weeks. Watched Padma’s waistline gradually expand toward normal human size. Drooled a little.

The Top Chef finale is finally here. To celebrate, we chewed the fat with local contestant and hopeful winner, Stephanie Izard.

DC: Quickfire Challenge. Your favorite spots starting with sushi.
Izard: Cafe Furaibo. It’s a small BYOB with fun rolls that are way cheaper than most places.

DC: Fine dining.
Blackbird has always been my favorite.

DC: Brunch.
Violet has really tasty cappuccinos and an awesome outdoor patio.

DC: Takeout.
Izard: Chens has the best chicken chow fun. I call them so much it’s embarrassing.

DC: Well done! On to the, er, Elimination Challenge. If you could invite anyone to your dream dinner party, who would it be?
Izard: My grandparents. I really never got to know them.

DC: When you have dinner parties, where do you get your goods?
Izard: Chicago Food Corp (3333 North Kimball Avenue, at Henderson Street; 773-478-5566) is a great, inexpensive Korean market. I mostly go for fresh sushi fish and meat. When it’s warm, Green City Market produce is the best. I always find interesting spices at The Spice House. And when it’s cooler, Whole Foods and Stanley’s (1558 North Elston Avenue, at North Avenue; 773-276-8050) have great veggies and fruit.

DC: Last question. Name your three favorite dishes in Chicago.
Izard: Crab wontons at Chens. Schwa’s quail egg-filled ravioli (I literally licked my plate). And the gelato at Piccolo.

DC: It’s a wrap! Good luck tomorrow. We’re all rooting for you!
Izard: Thank you!

We could just eat her up.

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