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Snack in the Box

You sunbathe for extra vitamin D and count beer as a whole grain.

Someone needs a lesson in nutrition.

Get real with a box of fresh, organic produce at Sprout Home. Each box contains a week’s worth of grub, grown and picked at Harvest Moon Farms in Wisconsin.

Contents change every month according to what’s in season (this month: lettuce greens, basil, potatoes, hand-picked sweet corn, grass-fed goat cheese). The box also includes easy how-to recipes and info on organic farming.

Unlike with other drop box programs, you’re not obligated to purchase every month. Just provide two weeks’ notice and pick up your box when it’s ready.

The next shipment arrives August 15. We heard rumblings about fresh cucumbers, peas, and cauliflower.

That’s a good buzz.

To register for an organic co-op box, contact Sprout Home, 745 North Damen Avenue, between Chicago Avenue and Superior Street (312-226-5950 or sprouthome.com).

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