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Excuses, Excuses

You’re a professional rationalizer.

Olive oil is good fat, pricey shoes last longer, and sweets make you happy. Thus to maximize benefits, you should consume them in bulk.

You don’t have to make excuses for Delightful Pastries: The low-sugar treats are made with fresh, local ingredients like butter and heavy cream from Wisconsin and Illinois and fruit from small family farms in southwest Michigan.

For the first year ever, Delightful Pastries are available at Green City Market. Peruse the selection of tarts with custard and fresh fruit, assorted pies, kolachke (flaky pastries filled with preserves or cheese), sweet breads (apple cinnamon, zucchini), muffins, and quiches.

Go ahead: Justify your love.

Available Wednesdays and Saturdays at Green City Market, 1799 North Clark Street, at Stockton Drive. For more information, go to delightfulpastries.com.

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