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Let Them Eat Cake

chaos theory n.
The behavior of certain dynamical systems that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.

Chaos Theory Cakes and Confections n.
The Bleeding Heart Bakery owner Michelle Garcia’s theory-cum-bakery that fuses French pastry and punk rock; a sophisticated organic cake parlor opening soon.

cake parlor n.
An artfully decorated space with graffiti murals and jewelry cases displaying precious little confections.

confections n.
Vegan cakes designed like retro tattoos; cherry blossom cream puffs; green apple, spinach, and onion cake; blueberry, creme fraiche, and green peppercorn mousse cake; pistachio macaroons; handmade marshmallows; reconstructed carrot cake, pineapple gelee; walnut dacquoise; and more.

more adv.
Espresso bar, crazy homemade ice cream (blackberry tequila orange flower, mango jalapeno). Mmm.

mmm interj.
Indication of delight. See also: delicious, awe-inspiring, tasty.

Chaos Theory Cakes and Confections, 2961 North Lincoln Avenue, between Wellington Avenue and George Street (773-281-2353).